GATS have own Buyer and supplier manufacturing arrangements, strategic alliances as well as strong financial and technical co-operation to ensure continuous and consistent buyers of high quality yarn. high quality Fabrics.

Single /Plied Yarns

  • 100% Cotton Yarn for weaving – Ne- 10s to 120s (Including compact and Eli-twist Compact)
  • 100% cotton Yarn for Knitting – Ne-16s to 60s
  • 100% Viscose/Polyester/Cotton Blended yarn – 20s to 60s
  • Open end yarn – Ne-2s to 30s
  • 100% cotton and Blends – 2/20s to 2/100s( Ring doubled/TFO)

Grey Sheeting’s made up of 100% Cotton and Value added fabrics like Bleached, Mercerised bleached, Mercerised dyed and sanforised.

Comber Noil : Long staple comber Noil exports

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